Sunday, May 4, 2014

Keaton's birthday week!

Keaton's birthday started last Saturday at his Ninjago pool party!
Our Ninjago Cupcake tower!
I was very proud of my "sushi"


With his school buddies, Cody and Makana
Keaton's actual birthday was Wednesday, so he was super excited to wake up and open MORE presents from family!
Thanks Grammie!
Legos definitely stole the show this year in the gift department. We are swimming in them, stepping on them, sprinkling them on our salads...
If it looks dark outside, that's because it was.  All gifts opened Anderson 5:45am.
As is our tradition, we always head to Chuck E. Cheese's with the Heath family when birthdays fall on weekdays. "Where a kid can be a kid, (and parents can spend lots of money on tokens and cheap pizza.")

Mark has come a long way! He used to be terrified of Chuck E. This time, he ran up and gave him hug every time he saw him. Then he would run and find me and say. "I hugged Chuck E. Cheese AGAIN!!"

Believe it or not, I tried this picture of Lucas and Keaton 5 different times, and this was the best one. Scary.

Smile for Chuck E.!
  Overall, a fabulous week celebrating Keaton!

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