Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 Holidays are a big deal in Hawaii, but especially holidays that focus on the keiki (children). Halloween is no exception! Everyone dresses up - EVERYONE! There are parades, parties, contests, and needless to say - lots and lots of sugar. I learned this year that it is customary in Hawaii to bring a bag of treats to each of your classmates on Halloween day (similar to Valentines Day on the mainland), so Keaton came home with a truckload of loot even before we went trick-or-treating!

Here's a pic of Keaton's kindergarten class after the costume parade. Can you spot the imposter kindergartener in this pic? (hint: front and center).
Meet Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker! Serious with the force, these two are.
Ready to hit the streets! Notice that Luke insisted on changing into his "slippahs" before trick-or-treating. Cover toes are not his thing!
And of course, Mark lost the mask before we even rang the first doorbell!
We spent Halloween evening with our good friends "The Good Witch" and Jake the Pirate (a.k.a. Maddie and Will)
Keaton and Maddie
May the Force be with you!

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