Thursday, November 14, 2013

Camping at Bellows!

Sorry for my lack of attention to this blog lately! Hoping that the December photo project will get my booty in gear and focused on The House of Anderson again! 

A few weeks ago we were invited to go tent camping with some of Scott's coworkers and their families. I gotta say I was a little nervous. My idea of roughing it is the Holiday Inn, so tent camping is a whole new level outside my comfort zone!  Thankfully,  it was only one night, and we had a pretty outstanding place to set up camp.
Of course, my boys were up before dawn (as usual), so we headed straight out to the beach to watch the sun rise.
It was an absolutely beautiful morning. There were some storms rolling in, but watching the sun peak through the rain clouds was out of this world!
Eventually, Mark's friend Hanne joined us on the beach.
The kids had so much fun playing around the camp!
Mark taking a little rest...

See Daddy and Bubba ahead on the pier...
The view from the pier. Our camp was set up under those trees on the left.
Plenty of crabs! See them?
Stand right there, guys. Perfect. Now SMILE!

You tricked me! Mean Mommy!
My beach baby loves the water and sand!

Sneaking marshmallows...
These cuties were in camping heaven!
The whole experience went much better than I thought it would. We all slept pretty cozy in our little tent. I think 24 hours was enough for me this time, but maybe I'll get brave and try 2 nights next time! (As long as I can drive home to shower...)

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