Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our full life!

Get ready for lots of random pictures - none of which deserve their own blog post, but all of which show you what kinds of things fill up our days each week! 
Mark is my constant help in the kitchen. Just give this boy a sink of bubbles and he will totally wash dishes (and probably flood the kitchen while he's at it!)
It's been the hottest summer I remember in Hawaii in our 4 summers here (yes, we've lived here that long now!) Anyway, we've been spending many a day up at the pool cooling off. Mark has turned into such a great swimmer!
A trip to the zoo to say hello to the hippo! 

Fishing with Daddy at the botanical gardens!
We figured out what the fish like - hot dogs! We probably caught at lease 15 fish in a row. It was so much that Mark finally got bored and just started throwing rocks in the water. Ha!
Since Keaton is in school on Fridays, I've gotten to take Mark to Auntie April's playgroup every week! I so enjoyed this group with Keaton, so I'm so excited that Mark gets to experience this as well. Where else would you get to give your bugs a bath in shaving cream? Not at our house - for sure!!
Mark and I made our own playdough last week! Not sure why I've never tried this before. It was so easy, and the dough is so much better than store bought. No it's not good to eat. That doesn't stop Mark from trying though. Sure am enjoying all this 1:1 time with my (almost) 3 year old!
would you believe that Shelly the Fish is still alive? It's been over 13 months now. Isn't that like 150 in goldfish years? She's survived many assassination attempts by Mark (death by playdough, death by rice, death by coins...) She doesn't even have any rocks in her bowl anymore, and her bowl is usually only clean when we have company coming. She must really love our little family because she just keeps on swimming!
We took in a movie one Saturday afternoon. The boys loved Planes!
More helping out in the kitchen. Looks like he's been taste-testing as he stirs!
Good old fashioned brother bonding - over their devices!
Keaton loves to color. Grammie and Papa sent him a really cool new coloring book where you have to fill in the rest of the story - he loves it!
Baskin Robbins! Remind me to get it in a bowl for him next time!
Celebrating our best friend Lucas's birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese!
Mark also loves to color!
Homework! Keaton loves to do his homework right when he gets home from school. I love how he is thriving in Kindergarten. He really enjoys learning, and his teacher brags about him to me all the time. Tonight before bed, he was telling me all about marsupials! Ha!
And of course - plenty of beach time!
Marine helicopters at the beach! Even better!
Not sure if I could ever get Mark used to a place that was not near the water. He is such a beach baby!
Our life and our hearts are full. We are truly blessed!

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Your life sure is blessed!