Monday, January 21, 2013

Part 2: Punaluu Beach and Waterfalls

How weird is this? No, Brumbra did not just step in a pile of coffee grounds. This is sand!
This is Punaluu Black Sand Beach. The sand is black because it is made volcanic minerals and lava fragments. It was stunning! Of course, it was just another beach to my boys and they quickly resumed their normal beach activities.


The waves crashing against the rocks in the distance gave us quite a show. There were sea turtles hanging out everywhere on these lava rocks. They blended in so well that I didn't realize there was one in this picture until I got home! See him?
Behind the beach, on the other side of the palm trees was this beautiful brackish pond full of ducks and fish.
You know I can't resist a good photo op... :-)
Looked just like the everglades  but without the GATORS!

After three days at the Volcano park, we took the scenic route up the east side of the island to the sunny Kohala coast, where we spent the rest of our trip. On the way up, our tour guide/driver/Big Island expert (a.k.a. Scott Raymond Anderson) stopped so we could view some breathtaking waterfalls. 
can you see why it's called Rainbow Falls?
Akaka Falls is 442ft free falling waterfall.
Mark was not allowed out of the Ergo for this one...

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Grandma said...

Wow! Wonderful! Tell your tour guide SRA to get these pictures where I can download them!!