Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fresh start

December was such a fun month, but "the holidays" are over now. It's always a little bit sad to see them go after so much anticipation, but it's also refreshing to put all the decorations away. It feels so clean and fresh.
Just like a new year should.
I'm loving my bouquet of flowers that Karen brought me for the NYE party! I always forget how much I love fresh flowers...
 The weather has been cooler (down to 70* - brrrrrrr), and the sun doesn't shine as bright. We've used this as an excuse to stay inside, watch too much TV, eat cake for breakfast, and play with all of our new Christmas gifts. We've had friends over to play, and we've loved having Daddy home a little bit more than usual.
After I took this picture, Scott says he knows now how Prince William feels - he can't do anything fun without someone wanting to take his picture. I'm not that bad, am I? Ok, maybe I am.
My tomatoes are blooming and I have a huge crop of fresh basil - a first for me in January.
Gotta love Hawaii! 

Scott and I agreed that 2012 was by the far the fastest year in history! 
How could this have been a year ago? 

And this? 
Growing up way to fast, these two!
Keaton tells me: 
"There are two things I don't have that I really need. A girlfriend and a sister."
Where does is get this stuff?

No resolutions for 2013, no idea what to expect really.
I'm praying it's a year that I can learn more patience,  become less selfish, less fearful. 
We have hopes to move closer to family sometime before 2014, but who knows what God has planned? I'm just so thankful He's in charge and not me, because so far his plans have exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.

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Grandma said...

Tell "Prince Scott" he has been photographed all his life! Tell him it is what it is!
As much as I want you back closer, God's Will is best! My reasons are selfish, for Mark not to think Grammy & Papa live in the computer. Keaton does not need a girlfriend! A baby sister would be nice when you move closer! I only have tubs of girl clothes waiting for Baby Girl Anderson! There I go wanting my will!