Sunday, January 22, 2012


Keaton has really been into puzzles lately. 

We are totally stocked after Christmas thanks to Brumbra and her dollar store connection...
I just sit there and watch him totally amazed that he can put together a 48 piece puzzle all by himself. 
Didn't I just bring him home from the hospital like yesterday?

It's all fun and games until this one wakes up...
"Hey! I want to play with the puzzle too!" (A.K.A. "I want to pick up the pieces, run away with them, chew on them,  throw them in the potty or trash can or find another way to terminate them!")
Sorry, Brother. Puzzles go back in the box.
It's tough being a baby.


Melissa Batusic said...

He's so smart! And there he is again in his undies :)

Grammy said...

Of course, he is very advanced for his age! I just love the pictures of Mark. I'm thinking don't cut that beautiful hair, it looks a little curly!
I love you KRA & MNA!

Katie Henry said...

Man, mark and king are so much alike!:) I was just thinking to myself, I could never let canyon do a puzzle on the floor cause the Taz would destroy it in a minute!
These pics are great and your boys are adorable! Love mark's hair!