Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flash Fieldtrip

Wednesday is not normally my shopping day, but the boys and I had to make a special trip to the grocery store yesterday morning to get some last minute ingredients for Daddy's birthday dinner and Snicker doodle cake.  When we pull up to Safeway, I see my good friend Karen's van in the parking lot. Turns out that Keaton's buddy, Lucas and his preschool class just happened to be meeting for a field trip to our Safeway at 9:30. We were just in time to join them! So, what started out to be a normal boring ole trip to the grocery store turned into a fun field trip. The kids got to go back in the back of the store and walk inside the big refrigerators, meet the butcher, see the stockroom, see the giant mixing bowls and huge ovens in the bakery, and see behind the scenes in the deli. Of course, I didn't come prepared with my good camera, so pardon the horrible cell phone pics.
"Does anyone know where an egg comes from?" 
"And here's a big sink where we wash all our fruits and vegetables."
Fascinating stuff folks.
"And here's where we bake all these yummy cookies!"
All the kids with "Uncle Kevin" who led our tour. 

Who knew the grocery store could be educational? 

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