Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fifteen Months

My baby boy is 15 months old today! 

Oh, Marky! This boy keeps me on my toes half the time and on my knees the other half. 

Mark wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00 am. Most mornings, I hear him over the monitor yell, "Bubba!" to his brother who now shares his room. 

He likes his warm "mo mo" (a.k.a milk) first thing when he gets out of bed. 

He's still a very good eater. Tonight he downed almost 3 pieces of pizza! 

He loves to play with trains and cars. Poor kid never had a chance of developing his OWN interests. He automatically loves everything that Keaton loves. He even lights up and dances when the Thomas theme song comes on TV. 

He still does not have many words, but this doesn't mean he's quiet. He's very efficient at getting his point across with grunting, yelling, and pointing.  

He loves to climb, jump off of things that he climbs, and then climb them again. 

He's fearless. 

He chases the cat. 

He "sings" and dances. 

He loves to make people laugh.

He's tough. He doesn't take any crap from anyone, especially big brothers.


He is a delight. 

We can't imagine our family without him.


Grandma said...

My 15 month old Grandson is the sweetest natured baby and he is all things wonderful! He is PURE PRECIOUS and Grammy and Papa LOVE HIM DEARLY!
Give him kisses from his Grammy!

Melissa Batusic said...

He is precious, Ash!