Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun with Mia

Keaton's closest cousin on the Archambo side is Mia, 6. Since she was out of school the week between Christmas and New Years, Mia came over to play almost EVERY DAY! Keaton would wait patiently at the glass door every morning for Mia to get there.

They had hours of fun playing in the castle, in toy closet, and watching the Disney Channel together. Mia likes to "mother" him a lot which is fine with me because she keeps him entertained and out of trouble!

Side note: anyone that has a 6 year old girl in Hawaii they would like to rent out to me to come play with Keaton, please let me know... They are the best entertainment EVER, because they are responsible enough to let you know if something is wrong, and young enough that they still like really PLAYING.

Mia teaching him to play Twister

They liked to eat all their meals INSIDE the castle!

Probably watching iCarly or some other show way above his maturity level. Who cares? If he's with Mia, he won't complain!

Needless to say, it was a sad day when Mia had to go back to first grade.

We love you, Mia!

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