Monday, November 22, 2010

Throwing in the towel

This is a sad day for me. I finally decided to do it. I'm giving up on coupons in Hawaii. As dorky as it may sound, couponing was a big part of my life in Nashville. It was a hobby, almost a part time job, and it was SO FUN! I loved that I could not only feed our family but make our pantry bust at the seams AND donate food by the boxful for less than $50/week. It made me feel like even though I was not "working," I was somehow contributing to our family's bottom line.

Confession: I used to spring out of bed extra early on Wednesday mornings, get my hot cup of joe and curl up with my laptop, just so I could read the Publix ad!

I gave it a fair try, but it just doesn't work here like it does on the mainland. Grocery stores don't double coupons, and the paper only contains a handful of coupons anyway. There are no awesome resources like Southern Savers, and Faithful Provisions to help scope out the deals and do all the matchups for me at my grocery stores. I've come to find that its just counterproductive and stressful to try to make it happen here. I'll still buy a Sunday paper and clip the coupons I think I might be able to use, but I think the best I can do is shop at Costco and load up on "sale" items at Safeway when I can. And - just accept that fact that I will have to budget $600 or more a month for groceries. GULP.

Now I need a new hobby. Any suggestions? Don't say surfing. I'm afraid of sharks.


Meagan Dennison said...

how about surfing?

Anonymous said...

another good reason to move back to the 48!!!!!

livinginparadise said...

I always wanted to be a coupon-er but didn't see how it would work here. Glad to know it doesn't so I don't have to figure out how to squeeze that into my day. I think just going to the beach is a good hobby though. :o)