Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thomas and Friends

Meet Toby, Percy, Thomas, and James.

These guys, along with their other engine friends (not pictured) live on the island of Sodor and sleep at Tidmouth sheds.

Thomas is a very useful engine, Percy delivers the mail, James is vain (but lots of fun), and Toby - well, let's say he's square!

They are a part of our family. They travel with us in the car, we talk about them at dinner, read about them before bed, wear them on our underpants, and visit them at the mall.

We just watched Toy Story 3 this past weekend (SUCH a good movie by the way) It made me think about the fact that Thomas and his buddies will not always be a part of our life like they are now. Keaton will move on to other interests, and forget about these friends who now consume his little play world.

Me? I'll always have a special place in my heart for Thomas and Friends because they are my life right now. I know one day I'll open a box in the attic and hold one of them and cry because they'll always remind me of this time in my life and Keaton at this precious fun age.

And don't you ever worry, Thomas. I'll never accidentally throw you by the curb in a garbage bag like Andy's mom...


Melissa Batusic said...

I totally relate! Thomas and all of his friends are at our house too. I would say that's Andrew's favorite. I have a feeling our little girl will be playing with Thomas too! Can't wait for Keaton to visit, and we can set up the track! Love you guys!

Chris and Tiana said...

Sweet! That's how I feel about Dora. I have one question you have Thomas on YOUR underpants too? :)

I'm loving your pictures, by the way!