Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trip to Oklahoma

We had a terrific time in Oklahoma last week hanging out with the family and friends that are LIKE family!

Mia is turning into such a big help with Keaton, and Keaton loves his cousin "Manie!" He's still talking about her! They had a great time playing together.

Keaton loved helping his "Brumbra" (Grandma) cook!

Our friends, the Hudsons, had some horses at their house for the week, so we got to do a little bit of riding over at their place while we were home.

On Saturday, we watched the OU vs. OSU game over at my brother's house. As you can see, they are a house divided.

Who gave him those??!!

Running free on 100 acres! A little boy's dream!

Reading books with Papa

Go ahead, laugh. It was quite exhausting getting Keaton to sleep in the car on the way home. I managed to coax myself to sleep in the meantime! Scott took this pic while driving! I'm just glad he did not try to put something in my mouth! 10 hours is a LONG trip with a toddler!


Melissa Batusic said...

Ashley, that picture of you and Keaton is SO funny! I can't imagine a 10 hour trip!

Meagan Dennison said...

I have come back to look at this post several times because of the last picture. Hilarious! And I love that Scott thought to take a pic. Priceless.

cathy archambo said...

I love the post it really captures the week.Brumbra

Elise Archambo said...

Mia looks just like you when she's asleep!