Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Scott's cousins, Brian and Christine (brother and sister) both got married earlier this summer, and since most of us could not make it to the weddings, they invited all of us up to OH for a casual reception to celebrate the newlyweds. We had such a wonderful weekend spending time with family and visiting with cousins we rarely see. Here's a pic of both couples with the whole Anderson clan.

We stayed in a hotel outside of Columbus called Cherry Valley Lodge which was attached to an indoor waterpark called Coco Key. The kids LOVED this place (okay, the adults had some fun too)!

Keaton loving on his big cousin Laura

All 5 grandkids: Douglas, Caroline, Matthew, Laura, and Keaton

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Mary Anderson said...

So glad that we could all be together again! So glad that you got to know some of the Ohio relatives better!

I'm so excited for Scott about the Brenda Lee Exhibit!