Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Objects of Affection Article

I'm not even sure how a got a subscription to Parenting magazine. I definitely did not pay for it, but it comes every month, nonetheless. Usually, these issues arrive in get thrown in the ever growing stack of books and magazines I plan to pick up and read when I get a minute. I did open the February issue and stumble upon this article. I enjoyed it because it made me reminisce of my childhood with my thumb in my mouth and my beloved wet washcloth that I rubbed to my face. It made me think of my precious nephew Douglas and his green blanket with the little strings he wraps around his fingers. I also related to it because it is about watching your children grow older and mature. I know, Keaton is only 9 months old and he is my first. But, as exciting as it is to watch him move on to new and exciting milestones of growth, I'm always a little sad to see the previous stage go. This is just a fun read... hope you enjoy!

Here's the link: Objects of Affection article


Meagan said...

I get that magazine too, and i don't know why? Weird.

Anonymous said...

Lisa had Ted, a terry cloth Bear. Jenny had a piece of a sheet. I still have Keaton's Daddy's Sesame Street blanket & his Tubby he took to preschool and put in his box there! Precious Memories for this Mama and Grandma.