Sunday, February 21, 2016

Grammy's Birthday and Valentines Day

We spent Valentines weekend in Greenville celebrating Grammy 70th birthday! 
The birthday girl with her original three
Grammy with her 8 grand kids - 15 months - 17 years!
Carvel ice cream cake!
Mary Elizabeth is a crackup! Grammy's namesake!
She had lots of help blowing out her candles
Sailor knows who's lap to climb into if she wants a sweet treat!
We all went in together to get Mary a mother's ring.
Birthstones of her 3 children!
Keaton made a birthday card from all of the grands and collected all of their signatures.
Yes, it looks like an 9 headed monster, but its actually Grammy with all of her grands peeking out from behind.
 Happy Birthday Mary! I hope that I am as classy and content as you when I turn 70!  So happy we were able to celebrate this milestone with you!
The next morning was Valentines day. Sailor loved her new balloon! Thanks Aunt Jenny!
We had fun exchanging valentines with our cousins before church!
These kiddos looked so cute, I had to take their picture before church started...
Our baby girl Valentine!
Love this pic of Sailor with her Nana on Valentines Day. So happy that they know each other at 15 months and 96 years!!
We had a great day hanging out and bingeing on Valentines candy and leftover birthday cake.
Because of impending weather, we decided to drive on to Charlotte on Sunday evening. The storm was bad enough that we thought it better to wait until Tuesday to make our way to back to Virginia.
Which means...another fun day with cousins! We slept in and played Wii (for way to long). Then we went to CFA for lunch and had a fun afternoon at Discovery Place.

Since Monday was Presidents Day, I challenged Keaton to see how fast he could say the presidents' last names in order. His goal was 15 seconds, but he couldn't seem to break the 19 sec mark.
 I told him he breathes to much and spends way to much time on Washington, Van Buren,  and Eisenhower. :-)

We made it home to VA on Tuesday with no incident or delay. The boys' schools were cancelled because of the snow, so they didn't even have to miss a day! Thankful for safe travel and  the extra day to spend with family.

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