Saturday, August 8, 2015

9 Months Old!

This girl! Nine months old.

My tiny girl, still not even 16lbs! She did move from 7% to 8% for weight and 1% to 2% for height! Progress!
 We had a very busy month full of travel and relatives and teething. I think that Sailor's personality began to emerge more this month than ever. She's much more socially aware and has perfected the coy "smile into mom's shoulder" routine. 

Yes, I'm cute, and I know it!
She's developed more likes and dislikes, and is quite effective at expressing her feelings now. Don't get me wrong, she's still my sweet girl, but she can be quite DRAMATIC at times. 
The boys play right along with all the girl drama. In fact, they LOVE it!

She's a pro at crawling now, and nothing can stop her. She's into everything! 

helping me pack
She still loves to eat - almost anything - but has developed a distinct DISLIKE for cantaloupe, bananas, and broccoli. She also drinks from a sippy cup now, almost on her own!
Her high chair is where she tends to be the most volatile and moody. She likes food, she eats FAST, and she's not the most patient girl. She's perfected a painful raptor-like screech that she unleashes when food is not provided in a timely fashion. You know that scene from Alice in Wonderland with the Queen of Hearts? All her jumpy playing card servants are scurrying around like madmen trying to appease her, terrified that she might explode in unbridled fury and anger? That's kinda what its like being in the kitchen when I'm feeding Sailor.
Don't get me wrong... shes' still my sweet girl. But, yikes.
She's really into books now!
And dogs make her so happy! Especially Jay.
She enjoyed her first trip to Kiddie Park, even more than I thought she would. She rode around in her pink Cadillac for 2 solid minutes without a peep, like she'd been doing it for years!
She also got to spend some quality time with her BFF, Halle Kate
Fun with Mia!
She's waving "bye bye" now. She also says Uh-oh, Mama, Dada, Bubba but not always in the appropriate context. 

I think she's without a doubt going to be my brown-eyed girl. She reminds me so much of my Grandma Ruby in this picture. Still can't believe she's mine! 
love you Sailor June!

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