Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 months old!

Sailor June is changing and growing, and getting more and more fun with every passing month! 

This month, she's mobile all of a sudden! She's been rolling over for awhile now, but its only recently that she's done it with such purpose. She can roll from one side of the room to the next in a matter of minutes. No more leaving her on the bed for a minute while I run into the next room. She's fast!

She's started to show much more interest in food, so I'm "trying" to get her to practice eating once a day. She seems really into it, but it's hard to tell if she's really more excited about the food (most of which she spits out) or just the spoon, which she seems to think is just another toy to chew on. Either way, its a sticky slimy mess! 

She endured to two long road trips this month, one to Oklahoma, and one to South Carolina. I was hoping all this extra time in her car seat would get her used to it. NOPE! She still cries about 90% of the time she's awake in the car. I even got so desperate as to set up the iPad for her to watch Elmo - this worked for about 1 minute. She's also perfected the art of saving her big poops for the second we take off on a car trip, so that we have to stop to change her - sneaky girl. 

She's sleeping better and slowly settling into the 2 (and a half) naps a day. She still tries to get me up in the night about once a week. Sometimes I give in, sometimes she cries it out. 

She's very interactive now, and will smile at almost anyone who makes eye contact and talks to her. She's an outright celebrity at family gatherings. She even got to meet her best friend, Halle Dennison this month! 

Meg and I can't wait to hang this one in their dorm room one day!

Her eyes are getting darker each month - maybe she'll be my only brown-eyed baby? Most people say she looks more like me than either of the boys ever did. 
Here's a pick of both of us at 5 months old, just for kicks.
What do you think?

I know one thing - this is one LOVED baby. She's just an absolute JOY to our family. 
I thank God every day that I get to be her mom.

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