Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 Months Old!

Wow! Didn't I just finish the "3 months old" blog post? February flew by, and SJ just keeps on growing and changing and getting more an more amazing! She's chunking up nicely,  and has moved up to 3-6 months clothes and will soon move up to size 2 diapers.

She still loves to eat, but is now easily going 4 hours in between feedings, especially if she's taking a good nap. I'd love to report that she's consistently sleeping through the night, but this stinker still loves to wake me up around 2:30 or 3:00 for a little snack. Sometimes I let her cry it out, and sometimes I just give in and feed her so we can all get back to sleep sooner. I will say that even though she doesn't sleep as well at night, she's a much more consistent napper than her brothers ever were.

She's very alert and interactive these days. She's focusing well, and follows people across the room with her eyes and head.  This month she has started grasping things with her hands, and then bringing them to her mouth. She's also showing much more interest in what WE eat, watching the food intently from our plates to our mouth. Almost rice cereal time!

 She's starting to prefer the "sitting position" much more than reclining, but she still doesn't quite have the hang of it. She can sit up for a few seconds, but then slumps to one side.
 Mark finds is quite entertaining to watch her practice

Keaton says, "She's definitely the cutest baby ALIVE. But, not the cutest baby that ever lived. Because, Baby Jesus was probably the cutest of all time. right, Mom?"

She still loves her brothers, and her favorite game is chasing them around the house playing tag (in my arms of course). This gets her laughing and smiling like nothing else.

 She still loves to suck on her fingers, and has not decided which finger is her favorite. I'm convinced she would eat her whole hand if she could fit in in her mouth. Unfortunately, all the finger sucking and extra slobber has caused her to have super dry cheeks, and makes her spit up A LOT! I finally decided to cut my hair to my shoulders because it was constantly matted with spit up. You're worth it, sweet girl!

If you can't tell, she's kind of a big deal in our family. She is an absolute delight and joy, and we thank God for her everyday. 

We love you, Sailor June! 

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