Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Drive

One thing about living on an island that's 30 miles wide, my kids really have no concept of the term "road trip." Yesterday, we decided to hop in the van and do a little bit of exploring. We ended up at  the furthermost point on Oahu from our house - Kaena Point State Park. 44 miles from Kaneohe! Thankfully the boys were troopers, and there was minimal complaining on our LOOOOONG journey (happy meals helped!).
Searching for rocks...
Throwing rocks in the ocean
how my kids will forever remember me...
handsome hubby
Sunsets are a special treat for us Windward folks.
bye bye, sun!
When the sun finally disappeared into the water, it left this unbelievable pink sky. It was truly an awesome display, and a perfect end to our weekend.

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livinginthemidwest said...

Those pictures are amazing!!