Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Morning

I have to say - the only thing better about being a kid on Christmas morning is having kids on Christmas morning! The excitement level, the joy, the surprise is so intense and contagious. We don't make a big deal out of Santa, but we have a lot fun pretending. This Christmas morning was one for the books. Santa came through big time for every kid in this house!

Stockings filled, gifts delivered, cookies eaten - HE CAME!!!!

Amazingly the kids slept until after 8:00. We made the boys wait at the top of the stairs until the girls were ready to come down.
Let's break into those Twizzlers - like father, like son!
Mark showing Aunt Jenny his gift from Santa. She's way impressed!
Caroline and her new Saige doll!
Stuffed Yoda - yes!!
We got all the cousins matching HE>I tshirts - all the way from Hawaii!

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Melissa Batusic said...

Your boys got basically the same Star Wars toys that ours got!