Thursday, April 25, 2013


When we're not playing Candyland smackdown, another of our favorite games is Headbanz.
 Disney Headbanz to be exact.
How it works is one player picks a card to put in another player's headband, and that player has to guess what his card is based on a series of yes/no questions.  
"Am I an animal?" 
"Am I an alien?" 
"Am I orange?" 
"Am I in a Pixar movie?" 
(Yes, my five year old knows the difference between computer and hand-drawn animation.)
And when little brother gets bored of this game (after 2 and a half minutes), he tackles big brother.
Then, he comes up with his own version of "headbanz" just to make us laugh!
These are my days, people. I have the best life ever.

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