Sunday, October 9, 2011

Turtle Pond

We had a blast this morning at Pahonu Pond. Pahonu literally means "turtle fence." It is an stone enclosure built by ancient Hawaiian royalty to capture and contain sea turtles. Apparently back in the day, turtle meat was a delicacy reserved only for for royalty. Even though now it's forbidden to TOUCH a sea turtle in Hawaii, this rock enclosure remains and creates an amazing little saltwater swimming pool. We came expecting a crowd since it was Saturday and a holiday weekend, so we were surprised to have the whole place to ourselves! 

To our left: endless beach and the three peaks of Olomana in the background
To our right: Rabbit Island
And behind us, the beautiful Ko'olau Mountains
This boy loves the water! 

One year olds only have genuine smiles...
And still smiling even after brother threw sand in his face...

What a great start to our long weekend! 

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Grandma said...

Beautiful pictures!