Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Long Night

3:30 - loaded up the van and left the house
3:35 - realized we left bear and blanket and had to turn around
4:00 - got in line at the ticket counter
4:30 - finally got our bags checked and boarding passes in hand
4:31 - got in line at security
5:15 - cleared security and began our frantic speed walk to the gate
5:25 - boarded our flight (dirty looks from already-boarded passengers - it was clear they had been waiting for us)
5:45 - flight takes off

I sunk into my seat, and prepared myself for for the worst. I expected Mark to cry and Keaton to whine and complain the whole trip. I feel bad about that now because Keaton was a perfect angel, and Mark hardly let out a peep from the time we got to the airport until we landed in Atlanta 13 hours later. Favorable tailwinds made both our flights shorter than expected. Thank you Lord!

Mark snug in the Moby and Keaton watching "Wonder Pets" on the iPod

Keaton sporting his Cat in the Hat pjs while we walked to our connecting gate in Chicago

Scott drawing pictures for Keaton on the Magna Doodle

Are we there yet?

Grammie meets Mark for the first time in Atlanta

2 flights down - 4 to go. It's all so worth it! We are having such a fun time with family!

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