Monday, August 9, 2010

7 Years

Scott and I celebrate 7 years of marriage together today! I'm so thankful to God for my amazing husband who is my faithful rock and loves me much more than I deserve.

On Saturday night, some good friends offered to watch Keaton so we could go out and celebrate. We had dinner at Top of Waikiki, a fancy schmancy rotating restaurant at the top of an office building in Waikiki. We were there right as the sun set, so we got to experience the beautiful views of the ocean as well as the amazing views of downtown Honolulu once the sun went down. It was a very fun and romantic dinner! After dinner, we walked around Waikiki for awhile and explored the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The picture of me is at the RH with our restaurant in the background.


Mary Anderson said...

Thank you for loving our son so much!
Happy Anniversary!
Mary & Ray

Meagan Dennison said...

Happy Anniversary! That was a fun wedding! Looks like a fun place to eat dinner. By the way, Scott looks so much like his dad in that last picture!

Melissa Batusic said...

Happy Anniversary! I LOVE you two! Meg's right, your wedding was so great!