Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quality time with Dada

An unexpected blessing that has come out of Scott's recent unemployment is that Keaton has had much more Daddy time. Keaton has always loved his Dada, but until a few weeks ago, he would choose his Mama hands down if he had a choice between the two of us. Not so anymore! Keaton now looks around and asks "Dada?" when he notices Scott is not in the room. He cries when Scott goes outside to take the trash out.

I'm sure if I could read Keaton's mind, he would think this is the greatest season of his life so far - 2 stay-at-home parents to love on him 24-7! I'm determined to try my hardest to embrace this season of our life just like Keaton, and enjoy all the extra time we have to be together as a family.


Mary Anderson said...

Thanks for Blessing my heart this morning!
Dada's Mom

Chris and Tiana said...

That's actually really sweet. Anytime Chris is out of the house for any reason, whether it's to play tennis or go to the store, etc, Clara Beth says that Daddy is at work. It makes me a little sad that she thinks he just works all the time (maybe because he really used to work all the time...). I hope this is a temporary time in your lives, but I'm glad you can see the benefits of embracing it while you have it. Keaton will have great memories of this time with his Dada!