Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keaton’s First Christmas

We drove 650 miles to Oklahoma on December 20th. Yes, straight through with an 8 month old baby and only 2 stops for meals! Keaton did great. As long as mom has a fresh supply of toys and baby goldfish on hand, he did not let out a fuss!

Some of the highlights of our time in Oklahoma:
• Cooking good food
• Eating good food
• Plenty of card playing!
• Catch Phrase – men against women (we won’t discuss who won…cheaters)
• Bowling a 185…new personal record!
• Watching Keaton’s reaction to his first “Santa” gift
• Matching PJs – how fun!
• Going to the movies twice – both movies I’m proud to have spent money on:
7 Pounds and Four Christmases!

Keaton did great on the way home as well, and we made record time – 9 hours, 45 minutes!

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